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Perail de Brebis

Perail de Brebis, ewe milk cheese available to sell

Another great cheese from the Aveyron: the Perail de Brebis. Its rind is smooth, with a texture like thick cream. The Perial de Brebis is an ewe's cheese with a strong, powerful taste. The land on the massif des Causses is rich in floral growth, and this is transmitted to the cheeses. Its flavor is soft and velvety.

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Summer - Fall - Winter
Minimum 2 weeks For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days


150 g (5,25 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

White wine: Cassis (Ugni Blanc, Clairette grapes) Red wine: Coteaux du Languedoc (Grenache Noir, Syrah grapes) Rosé wine: Côtes de Provence (Grenache Noir... grapes)


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